Live updates on the Mumbai Billboard Collapse: 14 people have died, and rescue efforts are underway.

Live News from Mumbai: According to civic officials on Tuesday morning, the number of fatalities from the hoarding collapse event in Mumbai's Ghatkopar district has risen to 14, with 74 injuries reported. The 100-foot-tall illegal billboard collapsed at a Ghatkopar gas station on Monday during dust storms and unusually heavy rains that battered Mumbai. Officials from the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) stated that search and rescue efforts were still in progress at the gas station in Chheda Nagar. According to an official, out of the 74 individuals who were saved from the accident scene, 31 have been released from Rajawadi Hospital, 35 are receiving treatment, and one person's condition is severe. Eight additional injured people are receiving care at three hospitals that are administered by the government and the private sector.

HORRIBLE! Learn More about the relative of Kartik Aaryan who perished in the Ghatkopar hoarding collapse event in Mumbai.

Meanwhile, in Wadala, during Monday's squally dust storm, a multi-story, vertical steel parking lot close to the Shreeji Towers building collapsed on a key road around 4:15 p.m. According to authorities, the sliding parking lot smashed around a dozen cars, trapping one person inside of a car and injuring two more.

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