In Bangladesh MP's Murder Probe, Bengal Police Discover Crucial CCTV Footage; Honey-Trap Angle Deepens Mysteries

According to sources on Friday, West Bengal Police have retrieved CCTV footage allegedly connected to an apartment near Kolkata where a lawmaker from Bangladesh was last seen prior to his horrific murder. However, rumors that a woman may have been involved in the murder have added yet another level of intrigue to this remarkable case. Anwarul Azim Anar, the MP for the Awami League, has not yet been found by police, but they believe that his body has been cut up and disposed of.

Two males were seen carrying plastic packages and a green trolley bag in the CCTV clip. However, it remained unclear if the video was taken inside the flat or outdoors, or from before or after the murder. According to police sources, it is believed that Anar's body was dismembered, with his skin removed and his bones sliced, and that it was transported in bags and plastic packets.
According to a story in Bangladesh's The Daily Star, West Bengal's Criminal Investigation Department (CID) believes the MP was killed by contract killers after being enticed inside a New Town apartment by a lady.

Jihad Hawladar, a 24-year-old Bangladeshi national, was taken into custody by West Bengali authorities from the nearby North 24-Paraganas area. Police sources claim that he may have skinned Anar's body. Hawladar allegedly admitted to murdering the lawmaker and four other persons. Three further arrests have been made by Bangladeshi officials across the border.
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