HORRIBLE! Learn More about the relative of Kartik Aaryan who perished in the Ghatkopar hoarding collapse event in Mumbai.

Two of the sixteen people who perished in the Ghatkopar hoarding collapse tragedy in Mumbai have been identified as Kartik Aaryan's relatives, in a startling discovery. Actor Kartik Aryan's maternal uncle and aunt perished in the Ghatkopar hoarding collapse tragedy, according to a report by Atul Singh of India TV. The actor was present at the final ceremonies on May 16. Relatives of the actor were recognized as the two dead removed from a vehicle three days following the Ghatkopar hoarding fall tragedy. Director of the Indore Airport Manoj Chansoria had one of them, while his wife Anita Chansoria had the other. The couple resided in Jabalpur, close to Mariam Chowk, in the Civil Lines neighbourhood.

After the accident, the couple's lifeless remains were removed after around 56 hours. Kartik Aaryan and his family arrived to Sahar Cremation Ground on Thursday afternoon for the funeral ceremonies. On May 13, Aryan's late maternal uncle and aunt were their route from Mumbai via Indore back to Jabalpur. About 4:30 p.m., they pulled over to a gas station in Pant Nagar on the Eastern Express Highway to fill up the automobile. Their vehicle's license plate is HR 26 EL 9373.

Manoj Chansoria: who was he?

In March, Manoj Chansoria relocated to Jabalpur after retiring from his position as general manager of Mumbai ATC. The couple's relatives stated that they were returning to Jabalpur on Monday in their red TATA-made vehicle after losing communication with them. The pair had come in Mumbai a few days prior for some personal business. Tracking Chansoria's phone revealed that the gas pump was the area it was supposed to be. It is believed that they were refueling at the gas station when the hoarding fell in the rain and strong gusts.

What actually took place?

Civic officials claim that the massive hoarding in Mumbai's Ghatkopar neighborhood collapsed because the pillar supporting it was not strong enough. As the city was struck by dust storms and unseasonal rains on Monday evening, the illegal hoarding that was standing on a plot of land owned by the Government Railway Police (GRP) toppled on a gas pump in the Chheda Nagar district.
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