How India can dismantle the paper-leak industry


The opposition parties are already criticizing the government and have pledged to bring up the issue vigorously in Parliament, while demonstrators have taken to the streets in response to irregularities in the NEET entry and UGC-NET tests. Individuals are arguing about who is responsible for ruining crores of dreams and endangering countless futures.

All the parties involved, including the Narendra Modi government, are undoubtedly concerned about how to demolish the well-oiled paper-leak business.

In the past seven years, question papers for at least 70 exams have been leaked, disrupting the schedules of 1.7 crore students.

Starting in 2010, a competitive examination system from the 1990s has to be redesigned in light of technology advancements.

The Public Examinations (Prevention of Unfair methods) Act, 2024, which attempts to stop unfair methods in public examinations and common admission tests performed throughout the nation, was notified by the federal government on Friday. Although it has strict guidelines, it won't be enough on its own.


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