Following a rave party bust in Bengaluru, 86 people tested positive for narcotics, including actor Hema.

Telugu star Hema is one of 86 people who tested positive for drug use during a raid, according to Bengaluru Police. Following a party, the police stormed a farm property in Bengaluru early on Monday morning. Hema posted a video the same day stating she wasn't at the party, however the police dispute this.

Hema had a positive drug test.

The Bengaluru police assert in a news release that the incident took place on May 19 and 20. It was a sizable get-together pretended to be a birthday celebration. Nevertheless, the drug use during the gathering was discovered by the authorities. In opposition to Hema's video, the police assert that they possess her airline tickets as evidence of her journey to Bengaluru. They also declared her assertions to be untrue.
At Vasu's Birthday Party, more than a hundred people showed up. On May 19, a formal complaint was filed, including allegations of public disruption as well as the sale and use of illicit drugs such MDMA, cocaine, and hydro-ganga. The Electronic City inquiry was taken over by the Central Crime Branch (CCB). stations of police in Hebbagodi. Those who tested positive for drugs will get notifications and be summoned. The statement stated that 86 attendees—including Hema—were determined to have used narcotics.

Hema made her claims that her name was unjustly brought up and that she was in a farmhouse outside of Hyderabad public in a video that she made available to the media on Monday. Hema said she was receiving calls regarding her alleged detention from media and well-wishers. She told the media in a video that she was in Hyderabad and not Bengaluru. "I have not gone anywhere, I am enjoying and chilling at a farmhouse in Hyderabad," she stated in the video. Kindly don't take rumors seriously. I have no idea who is present, and the rumor that I attended the party is untrue. On Tuesday, she also published a video of herself preparing meals at home.

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