Pune Porsche Crash: SIT Investigating Yerwada Police in Pizza, Biryani Row Captures Police Station CCTV Video

The investigation against the 17-year-old kid, who is accused of fatally striking two people with his fancy automobile, has taken a new turn as Pune police established a special squad to carry out an internal investigation into some of the case's investigative officers. In the hours after the event, Yerwada police station officials assigned an officer with the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) to look into possible protocol violations.

An investigation is currently in progress after the team obtained CCTV video from the police station, the accident scene, and the bars the child visited.

Early on Sunday morning, two software developers riding motorbikes in the city were tragically struck by a Porsche that was reportedly driven by the underage son of a well-known real estate tycoon in the area. According to the police, the 17-year-old was intoxicated when the accident occurred.
As soon as the matter came under public spotlight, claims that the accused kid may have received preferential treatment surfaced. Police allegedly delayed the boy's medical evaluation to determine his blood alcohol content by eight hours and downplayed the horrible nature of the occurrence in the first write-ups.

According to the allegations, the corpse was given "pizza and biryani" at the police station in order to lower the amount of alcohol in his system.
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