Pune Porsche horror story: Mother of victim calls accident "murder," and builder asks driver to let son drive

The father of the 17-year-old kid who struck and murdered two techies on Sunday had instructed his driver to provide his son the keys to his Porsche Taycan anytime the youngster asked, the Pune Police said a local court on Wednesday.

The father, a well-known builder in the Maharashtra city, had stated through his lawyer that he had given the automobile to the driver and not the youngster.

The driver had phoned the father, the police said, stating that the adolescent was demanding to drive the automobile. The driver was then requested to get into the seat next to him so that he could take the wheel.

Bail for Pune accused person revoked

The 17-year-old boy's bail was revoked by the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) on Wednesday, and he was placed in a detention home for a period of 14 days.
Pune Police have petitioned the Juvenile Justice Board for a review, pleading with the authorities to allow him to face an adult trial.

The minor's father has been taken into custody by the police for letting him operate the vehicle without a license. He was placed under arrest by the police until May 24.

During the incident, the youngster was supposedly intoxicated. Two bar owners have also been taken into custody by the Pune Police for giving alcohol to minors. It is believed that the former spent ₹48000 at the pubs in a matter of hours.

Mother of Pune victim alleges "murder"

The catastrophe claimed the lives of two young Madhya Pradeshi IT experts, Ashwini Koshta and Aneesh Awadhia.

Aneesh Awadhiya's mother, Savitha Awadhiya, told NDTV that the accident may be considered a homicide.

"The youngster committed a grave error that may possibly be considered murder because no one would have perished otherwise. My kid would still be alive today if only his family members had listened. This is blatantly murderous," she declared to the station.

She insisted that the youngster get severe punishment.

"They're making a lot of effort to rescue him. These are wealthy individuals who believe they can save their son. But my kid passed away)," she said, pleading with the Maharashtra government to assist her in obtaining justice.
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