Order awaiting adolescent driver's adult trial in Pune Porsche collision

An order for the 17-year-old kid to be tried as an adult in the case of tragically knocking down two software developers riding motorcycles in Pune earlier this week is expected, according to a top Pune Police officer. Following the cancellation of his release on Wednesday night by a juvenile court, he was placed in a Children's Observation Center for a period of 15 days, until June 5.

Pune Police had previously insisted that the young accused be prosecuted as an adult and tried according to the facts of the crime.

"Filed a review application before the Juvenile Justice Board to allow the juvenile to be tried as an adult and also to send him to a remand home," Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar stated. "The Juvenile Justice Board informed us of the operative order, and the juvenile accused has been placed in the detention home for a period of 15 days, until June 5th. He said, "At this time, the order for his adult trial is awaited.

Additionally on Wednesday night, Prashant Patil, the teen driver's attorney, informed reporters that the accused had been given guidelines by the Juvenile Justice Board regarding what had to be done during his 15-day remand at the correctional facility. One of the guidelines included receiving therapy from a psychologist or psychiatrist.

"We will get the written order tomorrow (Thursday)," he stated.

A new case under section 185 for driving while intoxicated was filed against the adolescent, and he was brought before the juvenile court.

The father of the youngster, Vishal Agarwal (50), and two Hotel Black Club staff members, Nitesh Shevani and Jayesh Gavkar, were placed in police custody till May 24 by a sessions court earlier on Wednesday.

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