You won't believe how Malaika Arora was seen with her beau at night in such a state.

Malaika Arora was recently photographed in Bandra, Mumbai, with her boyfriend Arjun Kapoor. Despite the girl's seemingly cozy attire, the cost of the pants that were evident in her everyday look was astounding.

Because of their love, Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor are still in the headlines every day. The paparazzi do not hesitate to take images of this pair whenever they are sighted. In addition to capturing their fashionable sense of style, these images also demonstrate their close relationship. The celebrity couple's outfits this time around, when they were photographed outside a well-known restaurant, were fashion statements.

It's a different story, though, as someone could need to take out a personal loan in order to imitate Malaika's style. We do not mean to express something in that exact way. A person might easily afford a vacation to Europe with the combined cost of the purse and the pants Malaika was spotted wearing. Allow us to additionally present to you these opulent Malaika items.

Malaika's date night outfit of light pink pants and a white blouse may seem straightforward, but the cost is startling. The price of these Italian premium label bottoms is 2,350 dollars, or Rs 1,94,433 when translated to Indian currency, according to information found online.

Purse valued at Rs. 3 lakh

The Goyard Saigon Mini Bag, which has a leather flap and is composed of Goyardin canvas, is this diminutive-looking Malaika bag. This bag features a detachable strap that allows it to be carried like a sling bag in addition to a wooden top handle that adds to its attractiveness. The price of this bag is 3,395 dollars, which is equivalent to Rs 2,80,887 in India. This will astonish you.

Malaika was wearing heels that cost Rs 76k.

Munni, also known as Malaika, from Dabangg wore white Gucci platform mules that matched her outfit. The fluted block heels' soles included silver-tone beads that provided a lovely finishing touch. These stunning heels with broad straps retail for around Rs 76,784 in Indian currency.

Arjun Kapoor's elegant look

Arjun was spotted with his girlfriend Malaika, wearing sky blue shirt and dark blue coat jeans. Arjun added a sophisticated touch to his appearance by matching this suit with black leather shoes. Malaika looked stunning on their date night, but Arjun looked just as handsome with his beard.
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