Two people in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, were condemned to death for raping and burning alive a little girl.

Two men found guilty of raping and burning alive a little girl in a coal furnace last year were given the death punishment by an APOCSO court in the Bhilwara district of Rajasthan on Monday.

Mahaveer Singh Kishnawat, the Special Public Prosecutor, affirmed the decision.
"The court imposed the death penalty on Kalu and Kanha," Kishnawat declared.

On Saturday, the court found Kalu and Kanha guilty, clearing the other seven people who had been charged with deleting evidence.

The high court will hear a challenge to the acquittal, according to Kishnawat.
The 14-year-old girl went missing on August 2, 2023, after leaving her house to pasture livestock. This is when the case began. Her shoes and bracelets were discovered next to a coal furnace when her relatives and neighbors started looking for her when she failed to return. When they saw human bones close by and saw that one furnace was still blazing in spite of the severe rain, they became concerned.

Four coal furnace attendants were taken into custody by the police: Pappu (35), Sanjay (20), Kanha (21), and Kalu (25). After doing an FSL report, initial questioning, and more research, the police detained these four individuals.

The suspects are said to have admitted their crimes over the course of the inquiry. They disclosed that they had raped the girl, thrown her into the coal furnace, and then dumped body parts into a pond to confuse authorities. The family was unable to identify the remains due to their condition.

The event led to widespread indignation in the state, and the then opposition BJP cornered the Congress administration on the matter of women's protection. A three-person team headed by BJP state president CP Joshi would assemble to compile a ground report "through a fair investigation in the matter."
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