Captured on Camera: 71-Year-Old Author Identified in Slovak PM Shooting Following Attempt at Assassination

It is currently thought that Robert Fico, the prime minister of Slovakia, who was shot many times on Wednesday and seriously injured, is not in danger. Weeks before an election, Fico, the 59-year-old prime leader of the small landlocked nation in Europe, was mingling with supporters at an event when the horrifying attempt on his life occurred.

About 140 kilometers northeast of the capital, in the village of Handlova, five bullets were fired outside a cultural institution. The 16,000-person hamlet that was once a coal mining hub saw Fico shot at a municipal meeting. Fico was shot five times by the assailant, putting him in severe condition at first and requiring surgery hours later. Fico allegedly had one bullet pass through his stomach and another strike a joint.

Who Is Fico's Suspected Shooter?

A person arrested for shooting The interior minister revealed on Wednesday that the prime minister of Slovakia is a writer from the nation's center who is 71 years old. Regarding reports that identified the individual being held at the scene of the shooting in the village of Handlova, Interior Minister Matus Sutaj Estok responded to reporters, saying, "I think I can confirm this, yes."

Shortly after Fico was shot many times during a government meeting in Handlova, a grey-haired suspect was spotted arrested on the ground. According to media sources, the suspect was from the village of Levice and the founder of the DUHA (Rainbow) Literary Club.

He has authored three books of poetry and is a member of the official Association of Slovak Writers, according to the reports, which also included his name. On Facebook, the group verified that the individual had been a member since 2015. It also stated that "the membership of this despicable person will be immediately cancelled" if it turned out that he was the shooter.

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